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rory's Journal

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I am a Southern California-raised, second-generation Filipino American woman who would not be who she is today without the love and support of her family. I strive to be as strong and as compassionate as my mother. I work in IT+public power+local government and am very committed to race/social justice.
alphabet blocks, antoni gaudi, awk, bargains, bartering, beaches, beauty, beignets, beos, bird song, black, black cherry soda, bliss, boxstep, brains, breezes, candlelight, carissa's wierd, cats, clip art, clouds, cognitive science, collages, compassion, cooking, crocheting, curling, cute boys, dancing, daydreams, digital unix, discovery, dreaming, edible flowers, emily dickinson, enlightenment, eskrima, expression, ezra pound, family, federico garcia lorca, filipino food, flowers, forests, freebsd, freedom, frida kahlo, gardening, guitars, happiness, hiphop, hockey, honesty, hugs, ilocano, ilokano, inner beauty, inspiration, introspection, kcmu, kexp, kids, kisses on my neck, lakes, languages, laughing, love, marc chagall, metal, mochi ice cream, modern art, music, mysticism, naked winter trees, neil young, new order, night, northwest film forum, nostalgia, organic fruits, organic vegetables, pablo neruda, passion, peace, people with depth, perl, photography, pike place market, pocky, poetry, postcards, powell's books, public transportation, pygmy marmosets, rain, rainbows, red-green colorblindness, reflection, rice, rice cookers, romance, s, sand, sculpture, seattle, sed, shoes, simplicity, smiles, snow angels, solitude, spinach, spirituality, stars, sunny autumn days, sunrises, sunsets, sylvia plath, t.s. eliot, tart, the philippines, the pixies, the sundays, the swords project, the tablet, this american life, thrift stores, trees, tru64 unix, truth, unix, used book stores, used cds, used clothing, utne reader, uwajimaya, vegetarianism, vi, violins, voyager one, walking, waltzes, water, west seattle, wonder woman, words, zsh

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